Your birth certificate is worth millions
Paid Program Entries 5051
(Goal 20,000 | Updated periodically)

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If you want to --
  • Fight Foreclosures
  • Reclaim Foreclosed House(s)
  • End Property Taxes
  • Fight Criminal Cases
  • Fight Divorce Cases
  • Fight Child Welfare Cases
  • Form Tribal corporations
www.NALJC.ORG fight foreclosure firmly and fearlessly NALJC

Your birth certificate is worth millions
Paid Program Entries 5051
(Goal 20,000 | Updated periodically)

A Latin maxim - sic utere tuo ut alterum non laedes - advocates that "no one is to to use his property in such a manner as to injure that of another." THAT IS OUR MOTTO, and we wish, trust, hope and pray that the government will heed this timeless advice.

CAVEAT: The material you have read is jurisdictionally protected by ecclesiastical and tribal law as endorsed and validated by federal Indian law. The substance of the material is for educational purposes and practical functions. We are not dealing with paper money, fiat money or Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) although Participants prefer to exchange FRN for learning about the Birth Certificate Monetization Program. We are dealing with an aurum yield equivalent to the worth and value as prescribed by the Deposit and Credit Multiplier found in Barron's Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms All Participants are deemed to be accredited investors under Regulation D Section 501, Securities and Exchange Act 1934.