Your birth certificate is worth millions
Paid Program Entries 5051
(Goal 20,000 | Updated periodically)

  Frequently Asked Questions  

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  1. Is this a scam, a Ponzi scheme, or a pyramid scheme

    A: This is NOT a scam. The team is working hard to make this a reality for all who wish to participate in the program. This program does not even come close to fitting the definition of a Ponzi scheme nor a pyramid scheme. Both of those rely upon many people paying money into the scheme in order to pay a few people, giving the appearance of legitimacy. The CoLB program makes use of the learning fees of every participant in the multiplication process, and gives everyone access to their payouts at the same time after the goal of 20,000 paid certificates has been reached and the funds have been sufficiently multiplied. If you are in doubt, please stay out of this program.

  2. What's the intent, motive, reason, and purpose for launching this program where our birth certificates can be used to bring us positive cash flow; knowing that our birth certificates are bonds (debt obligations)?

    A: The Too Big To Jail / Too Big To Fail investment banks and financial institutions continue to create wealth at the expense of the individual/citizen/serf/slave/wage-earner. It's about time we all learned their moves and began to take stock of the situation by doing our due diligence and research.

  3. How and where do I start researching all of this stuff?

    A: Find a copy in your local library, or purchase a copy of Barron's "Dictionary of Finance & Investment Terms" (DOFAIT).

  4. What do I look for in the DOFAIT?

    A: "Accredited investor," "M-1 / M-2/ M-3 money," and "Multiplier" are good places to start reading, examining and analyzing how money works.

  5. Is it too technical?

    A: It may be depending on your level of willingness to understand finance and banking. A great start would be to read Congressman Wright Patman's explanation of money, Patman: Primer on Money as it is written for the man and woman in Main Street, USA and the world.

  6. Why would the multiplier bank want to do this once they issue an IBoE (International Bill of Exchange) into the PPP (Private Placement Program)?

    A: That's all they do day in and day out. They make money while also making money for you. That's the business they chose when they received licensing in China.

  7. Why is this bank any different from the other Too Big To Jail / Too Big To Fail banks?

    A: They are not part of the global cabal conspiracy. The bank is a BRICS and AIIB bank.

  8. What happens to my money when I enter the CoLB program?

    A: The money is really for a learning fee / legal advice fee, which will be put to good use by purchasing the International Bill of Exchange (IBoE) as a gesture of commitment at a cost of a minimum of $5 million when 20,000 paid certificates are acquired.

  9. What's in it for the tribal law firm that has a working relationship with this multiplier bank?

    A: Our Plan is to make the banking industry irrelevant, to erode the market power currently enjoyed by the cabal, and to make you financially independent through the rule of law, using the law of equity. We like the whole process, as we enjoy fighting for sensitive and important issues.

  10. When I receive money from the multiplier bank after the Private Placement Plan (PPP) pays its annual yield, what are the tax consequences, and is this legal?

    A: After you've done your due diligence of this plan, if you are still in doubt, you should stay out of this program. However, a Trust is being created for all the Participants in this program. The tribal law firm will be the Trustor. The multiplier bank will be the Trustee, and the Participants will be the Beneficiaries. You will receive a debit card in the name of the Trust, for which you choose the name. You may swipe the card for up to $1,000.00 per day, each day, from your trust account. If you need to make large purchases (house, car, boat, land, etc), the Trust will wire the funds directly to the Seller. There is nothing illegal about this. Besides, the tribal law firm is very aware of what happens if we were to break the law. We stay within lawful and legitimate boundaries. We have no desire nor any wish to engage in deceptive or illegitimate activities.

  11. Has the law firm done this before, and can we receive testimonials from past Participants?

    A: This is the third tranche the law firm is launching. The previous recipients of the past two Programs have extracted a hold harmless non-disclosure covenant from the tribal law firm for obvious reasons. You will not receive any testimonials for this exact reason.

  12. What happens if the PPP is terminated or ceases to operate?

    A: The banking system will collapse, there will be NO need for paper money, and we may return to the good old days of barter. It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY this will happen.

  13. How do I modify my email address, postal address, or other data in my member account?

    A: First login to the website. Next, click on the link in the menu to 'sign up'. You will then see a table on the right side of the screen where your information can be modified.

  14. I did not receive the WireInfo Email that I requested from the website.

    A: The email is automatically sent to the email address that you used in your website profile. The email may have landed in your SPAM (or JUNK) folder. Please verify that you are checking the correct email account by logging into the website again and clicking on 'WireInfo' in the menu. You can view your email address used in your profile on this screen. Try requesting the WireInfo email once again by pressing the button on this screen, and then recheck your correct email inbox & SPAM box that is accociated with that same email account.

  15. I cannot login to the website.

    A: First, make sure you have entered both your member ID and your password correctly. Your member ID is NOT your email address. It is your user name that you first used to login when you created the account profile. If that does not work, go back to the login page and click on 'Forgot your password or memberID?'. Your member ID and a temporary password will be sent to the email that is used in your member profile. Remember to check your SPAM (or JUNK) folder if you do not receive the email within a few minutes. With that temporary password you just received, you can click on 'Change your password?' on the login screen. Create a new password for yourself at this time. Now you can login again.

  16. Should I be worried about identity theft?

    A: If you are concerned about identity theft, please stay out of this program. If you do not want to submit your birth certificate, consider submitting the other accepted evidences of birth which include: Death Certificates of relatives, Bible birth records, Baptisimal records, Nauturalization papers, or Hospital records.

  17. Where can I find my member number?

    A: Click on the wireinfo link in the menu. You will find it there.

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Your birth certificate is worth millions
Paid Program Entries 5051
(Goal 20,000 | Updated periodically)

A Latin maxim - sic utere tuo ut alterum non laedes - advocates that "no one is to to use his property in such a manner as to injure that of another." THAT IS OUR MOTTO, and we wish, trust, hope and pray that the government will heed this timeless advice.

CAVEAT: The material you have read is jurisdictionally protected by ecclesiastical and tribal law as endorsed and validated by federal Indian law. The substance of the material is for educational purposes and practical functions. We are not dealing with paper money, fiat money or Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) although Participants prefer to exchange FRN for learning about the Birth Certificate Monetization Program. We are dealing with an aurum yield equivalent to the worth and value as prescribed by the Deposit and Credit Multiplier found in Barron's Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms All Participants are deemed to be accredited investors under Regulation D Section 501, Securities and Exchange Act 1934.